fact about coffee: 6 unknown facts you should know

fact about coffee

Who doesn’t like coffee? Everyone starts their morning with this energy-boosting java juice. The history of coffee is more interesting and joyful than drinking a cup of coffee but today we are going to know 6 fascinating fact about coffee.

1.Health benefits of coffee

A recent study adds to the growing body of evidence that coffee has important health benefits. What if I told you that 166.63 million 60 kilogram bags of caffeine is eaten around the world? Yes and they all are safe from a heart attack, stroke, liver cancer and many other diseases. The theory is there are certain compounds in coffee that decrease inflammation and insulin resistance.

2.Coffee may reduce the risk for deadly skin cancer

According to a survey published in an American journal, coffee drinkers have a 25% lower risk of skin cancer, melanoma, and other skin diseases, even It’s protecting you from sunburn too. You don’t have to pay to buy cream for sun skin.

3.How much coffee is good

There are also side effects and risk problems as well as coffee nutrition facts and health benefits. So you should know how much coffee is too much. More than 400 ml of coffee is not good for health because of heartburn, irritability or insomnia but Starbucks never told you this fact of coffee.

4.coffee for skin benefits

If you are a beautiful girl or skin conscious man you will be happy to know you can use coffee to make your skin healthy and soft. Caffeine helps you to remove toxin and dead cell from your skin and nowadays caffeine also use on the hair.

5.Bulletproof coffee

So many people can ask what’s bulletproof coffee? Is it made with a bullet? Well, you can add this to the coffee fun fact segment because in the bulletproof coffee recipe I didn’t find bullets. It’s made with butter, MCT oil and caffeine that helps you gain more energy and reduce weight. It increases your focus ability and your body ketosis that’s why bulletproof coffee keto diet plan is on of the popular keto diet food/drink among keto diet followers

6.keto diet and coffee

It’s very hard to do and make a diet and diet plan, especially if you are a food lover but what if I told you that you can diet with your favourite coffee and you will reduce your weight. yes, you can do weight loss with coffee. The Keto diet is a fashionable diet. The Keto diet will make the ketones increase, burn your fats and reduce your body mass. For that reason, keto coffee drinks are used in the diet schedule.

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