Ninja hot and cold brewed system review (CP301) 2021

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System cp301 Review

Do you love cold brew coffee? or ice coffee? Do you love coffee and tea both? then Ninja hot and cold brewed system cp301 model coffee maker made for you. Lots of you asked for ninja hot and cold brewed system review, here is it.

Ninja is a well-known kitchen equipment brand, and they created this coffee maker to provide you a café or restaurant-style coffee at home. when I was doing ninja cp 301 review , I was surprised by this coffee machines great features. This coffee maker includes a variety of coffee and tea options, which is great for a budget coffee maker.

It includes two permanent coffee filters, one for coffee and the other for tea, so you won’t have to spend money on a coffee filter and will save a lot of money.

They include a smart scoop with convenient measurement so you can simply determine how much coffee and tea leaves you’ll need to produce various brews and teas. A milk frother is included, which may be simply removed for cleaning.

You will get a glass carafe that contains 31oz of water it has a good grip, you can refile it by removing it or any other jat but there is a no filter option.

There is no drip tray, you don’t need a tray because it too smart, it won’t spill coffee after it’s completed brewing.. lots of coffee maker spill coffee a long time after finished brewing. So this coffee maker not going to mess your kitchen and system.

  • Programmable
  • Premium And Stylish
  • Brew Coffee And Tea
  • 5 Brewing Style
  • 2 Separate Filter
  • LED Display

Features of Ninja cp301 coffee maker

Display and indicator

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System features

There is a cool display that shows you a Programmable Digital Clock, brewing starts and end notification. After finishing brewing it will give beep sound and appear a icon.

LED Indicator will show you the progress of brewing. It can visible from a long distance and work properly.

Brewing styles

This coffee maker will give you lots of brewing styles for coffee and tea in one segment.

Coffee Style Tea Style
  • Classic coffee
  • Rich coffee
  • Over ice or ice coffee
  • cold brew coffee
  • spacialty coffee
  • Herbal tea
  • Black tea
  • Oolong tea
  • White tea
  • Green tea

Brewing Size

Brewing size is one of the most important thong of a coffee maker. It allows you to brew in lots of sizes, a small cup (9½ oz.). Medium cup (11½ oz.), single-serve or travel mug(14 oz.), xl cup (18 oz.), half carafe and full carafe.

Milk Frother

So many times you have to buy milk frother to make cappuccino or do great late art. Late art is important to impress someone or say sorry to your crazy wife, maybe she will forgive you or hit you if you did a bad late. Whatever in this machine you don’t need to buy. On the left side of the coffee machine, you will get a milk frother which works nice but will not hit up your milk. You have to hit up your milk first then you can use it. It’s is easy to remove by pressing the button of the frothier. So you don’t have to bother much to wash it.

Coffee filters

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed coffee filter

It comes with 2 coffee filters yellow and green, Brown is for coffee and green for tea. The coffee maker will automatically detect the coffee filters, you don’t have to select tea mood or coffee mood.

How to use Ninja Hot and cold brewed system

Ninja cp301 is so user-friendly. For the First time use, it will be good to quick wash every component with water to clear the system and it will work nicely. 

There is a two-Dial on the front side that controls almost all the functions of the coffee maker. Easily you can select your cup size from the first Dial, you can select your brewing style and start brewing by pressing the second Dial. it works for both coffee and tea.

When you are making coffee you just have to use a yellow color filter so the coffee machine detects that is coffee and brews the exact thing. When you are using the green filter for tea that time you just have to press the tea leave icon to select the tea brewing style.

Ninja cp301 coffee maker basket holder slides out on the right side, you can use your filter according to your drinking choice. It will detect the filter and ready to brewing.

Ninja Hot and cold brewed system coffee brewing

different brewing style of Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Classic coffee and Rich coffee

You don’t have to find best cold brew coffee maker because this coffee maker have ability to make cold brew coffee. You can use any kind of coffee according to your test. Classic coffee is normal brewed coffee. Rich brewing style is like a strong coffee. The scoop can help you to measure coffee for different sizes and styles of coffee.

Ninja over ice coffee

If you are a fan of ice coffee you can use it. Basically, it will not brew cold coffee. You have to use ice on a cup and it will brew normal hot coffee and melt with ice.

Ninja cold brew coffee

You can use ice and it will not brew hot coffee like over ice mood, It brew cold coffee. You just have to select cold brew by dial. It so easy as I’m telling you but Cold brew style makes an annoying sound, I didn’t find this kind of sound on other brewing styles.

Specialty and espresso

Specialty mode brew 4 oz. of coffee, In the mode you can make cappuccino or espresso. Yes, you can make espresso coffee by using espresso coffee grains. This specialty mood gives you to make this So why you don’t make it? Lots of people are confused about espresso hope now you guys are clear about this.

Ninja Hot and cold brewed system tea brewing

As you know Ninja also can make tea and it has five different brewing style options like coffee. It’s really so cool. You can make both coffee and tea with a different brewing style it’s like an END GAME: you can see all the superheroes in a single movie.

You can use tea bags and tea leaves both on the coffee filter. There are no restrictions. But make sure your teabags papers are coming out on the front side of the filter basket.

ninja CP301 vs CP307

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Glass Carafe (CP301)
Ninja Hot And Cold-Brewed System Review

If I compare ninja cp301 vs 307, there is not many differences. But significant difference is cp301 have carafe warmer which is programable and it will stay warm your carafe for long time.

The CP307 does not feature a carafe warmer because it comes with a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee warm.

You may take it out and put it anywhere you like; your coffee will stay hot, but in the cp301, you must leave it on the machine to keep warm it.

The weights aren’t the same on both machines, but I don’t think it matters.

CP301 comes with glass and stainless steel carafe but cp307 only come with thermal carafe.

If you ask me for my opinion I will go with cp301 by consider Overall of thing.  And I will suggest you to go with cp301 but it’s up to you, what you like and latest price of cp301 and cp307. I don’t think It will t hard for you to decide and compare ninja cp301 vs 307.

how to clean a ninja coffee maker

This coffee maker is easy to clean, You don’t have to warry about it. You can clean coffee filter with normal water and soap. Carafe can also wash with sap and water. I did a details blog on how to clean a coffee maker, it’s a universal method and it will fix your coffee maker issues like slow brewing and plastic coffee test.

Ninja CP 301 hot and cold brew user manual


Does Ninja hot and cold brewed system make espresso?

Answer: There is a specialty coffee mood which brewed 4oz coffee which is perfect for espresso coffee and the frother that comes with this machine will also help you to do latte art on your espresso so Yes this system makes espresso.

Does the Ninja hot and cold brewed system use K cups?

Answer: No, you don’t need any k cups or this system don’t use it but you can make single-serve coffee with it.

Does the Ninja hot and cold brewed system need coffee filters?

Answer: you don’t need to buy a coffee filter, it comes with a permanent coffee filter but you can use another coffee filter if you want.

What’s the difference between cold brew and over ice ninja?

Answer: Cold brew coffee brewed gold coffee which you drink at coffee shops and when you select over ice mode: it will brew normal hot coffee and then it will melt with ice. 

“Cold brew gives you cold coffee” and “over ice give you normal hot coffee”

What is the difference between Ninja CP301 vs CP307?

Answer: There is no huge difference ninja CP301 vs Cp307. 

CP301 comes with a glass Carafe and cp307 comes with a thermal Carafe.

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