Recipe for bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee recipe

What is bulletproof coffee?

Coffee is the most popular beverage among adults or teenagers. Many people love to drink different kinds of coffee and bulletproof coffee is also one of them. It’s just a hype drink. It’s made By entrepreneur and fonder of bulletproof company Dave Asprey. They just made it make hype on their company and did good marketing for butter coffee.

How to make bulletproof coffee?


Butter or ghee, MCT oil, coffee/brewed coffee


First, boil 1 cup water and add 1 ounce/6 teaspoon coffee to make brewed coffee and this is the “Golden ratio”. Take a blender, put your brewed coffee and add 1 tablespoon MCT oil (you can also use extra virgin coconut oil) and 1 tablespoon butter or ghee, blend them properly at high speed. Your Bulletproof coffee is ready to drink but you can add some more ingredients for taste and these are optional. You can add egg yolk and gelatin to enhance your bulletproof coffee taste.

bulletproof coffee benefits

It’s creamy and energetic. It will help to burn your fat so you will reduce your weight. If you are searching for what is bulletproof coffee keto So I would like to tell you ketosis is the secret ingredient of bulletproof coffee weight loss. It also helps you to focus and calm your brain to make better memory function because of MCT oil. It will reduce blood sugar level, cholesterol.

Bulletproof Coffee Vs Butter Coffee

Is bulletproof coffee and butter coffee the same thing? Actually, bulletproof is a popular coffee brand, and butter coffee is a coffee name or recipe in which butter is used in coffee, similar to our coffee. This recipe is made by Dave Asprey founder of a bulletproof company. As a result, they’ve given this preparation the moniker “bulletproof coffee.” There is no distinction between bulletproof coffee and butter coffee; both are the same, but many people have made this their own style.

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