Smeg drip coffee maker review 2021 | Know Important facts

Smeg 50's retro style

Smeg drip coffee maker or Smeg business is widely recognized for its vintage 50’s retro look. We realize the importance of old-style and stuff in this digital age, and Smeg delivers it to us. If you like retro or heritage items, you’ll enjoy this coffee machine and our review.

Smeg vintag 50’s retro style made people addicted or insane, It looks unique, great and simple. When I took it out of the box and set it on the counter I thought the sun should slowly rise behind it and the angel chorus burst out. It’s a full metal body coffee maker, It’s available in 6 colours [black, red, pastel blue, pastel green(mint green), cream, stainless steel, easy to access function. Smeg DCF02 drip coffee maker is an upgraded version of the Smeg DCF01 drip coffee maker.

Smeg Drip Coffee Machine Review
  • Auto Timer turn-on option
  • 4 button to easy use
  • cup warmer mode
  • Full pod and half pod option
  • Stainless steel permanent filter
  • Metal body
  • LED light and sound indagator


  • Full metal body.
  • Clock and auto timer on.
  • Brilliant look and build quality.
  • Pre-cup warmer, It work for 40-50 minutes.
  • Reusable filter.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • No auto shut off option.
  • No thermal Carafe but cup warmer working good.
  • No water filter.
  • No Strong brew option.

smeg drip coffee maker features

It has 12 and 24-hour clock options. You can set time for auto on the Smeg coffee maker, Your coffee will be ready in the morning or you can set specifically your requirement. It’s really important and a good feature. We all need to drink coffee in the morning time. So it will save our time and make easier our life as coffee lovers and households.

Cup warmer mode help you to warm 60 minutes after brewing as they said but it works 40 minutes when I tried. There is a button to turns on the cup warmer .you can turn on it after brewing or before brewing. It would have been great if it had kept warm for a while longer.

This coffee maker has full pod and half pod brewing options, It can brew 10 cups in full pod mode and 4 cups in half pod mode. It’s a really good feature of the Smeg coffee maker. Lots of time we don’t need 10 cups, 4 cups are enough for use or one person. Who is looking for 4 cups coffee machine they can also think to buy this one because some time we really need 10 cups or more for friends and guest.

It had a light and sound indicator. After brewing it will alarm. You can turn on or off this feature. The light indicator also helps you to understand the currently selected control.

Smeg DCF02 Coffee Maker’s Design And Build Quality

This smeg coffee maker is made with metal. Its body is metal and the carafe or cup is made with glass. Both are made of good materials that give a premium look to coffee machines.

Its permanent filter is made with stainless steel in the plastic body. It’s a reusable filter, so you don’t have to pay extra money on paper filters. It can save lots of money of yours and it’s eco friendly. I really like this.

When You turn on the smeg coffee maker all the LED buttons blink once and shows the current selected button or control. Buttons are quite premium, It’s a good design side.

smeg 50's retro style coffee makers carafe

The carafe for the coffee maker is constructed of glass and stainless steel. There is a cup measurement on the glass body, which is quite convenient. It can hold 1.25L or 10 cups of coffee. It may be a thermal carafe. As a result, coffee may be kept warm for a longer period of time and is portable. It has no effect on their vintage look.

This coffee maker is also known as the Smeg vintage 50’s retro style coffee maker, They tried to give the feel of the ’50s and definitely they win. It looks nice in any place. It comes with lots of great colour choices and these colours are great to suitable with any other kitchen stuff.

how to use the smeg coffee maker

This coffee maker not giving you a bunch of brewing options so you don’t have to be afraid to know how to use the smeg coffee maker. It’s really simple to use like other coffee makers.

After plugin, the coffee machine will automatically turn on. There are 4 buttons to control the machine.

smeg coffee maker options
  1. The first one is for start brewing.
  2. The second one is a cup warmer or you can also use it as a pre-cup warmer. 
  3. The third one is for the select half pod or 4 cups option.
  4. The fourth one is for setting the timer option So that it can automatically turn on and brew coffee for you in the set time.

Simply open the top, you can see the water tank and coffee ground place, pour water into the water tank of the machine, It will contain 1.25L water, But the bad side is there is no water filter on coffee machine water, You have to use mineral or filtered water. In this budget, they can give a water filter.

Then give coffee grounds according to your test and measurements on the coffee filter. After pressing the brewing button it will take 15 minutes to brew 10 cups of coffee. But I expected a little bit faster and at least strong coffee options too. This is also one of the bad sides according to me. But If you don’t like strong coffee then it will not big issue for you.

how to use the smeg coffee machine

You can use this lever to change time and set an alarm. It also on and off the notification sound of finish brewing. It gives a nice side look to the design.

are smeg drip coffee maker good?

It’s a little tricky question, The smeg company is good and their products too. The smeg drip coffee maker get more priority to its design and look rather than functions and facilities, After reading this review, you definitely understand they give priority to their design because they didn’t give many facilities or functions on it. On this budget, they can give a water filter, at least one or two more brewing styles like strong brew coffee styles, auto shut-off, a thermal carafe to make it portable.

My Opinion

If you love the smeg vintage 50’s retro style then you can buy if you want because it is a really nice design coffee maker but as a coffee lover I don’t want to buy this because there are lots of things are missing I mentioned which I want a coffee lover. It’s up to you, If you are just a normal regular coffee consumer and want some great unique look then go for it.

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